Taylor Swift 1989World Tour Concert


Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a great summer. 


In the past two weeks…. My mind has been humming


"But I keep cruising Can't stop, won't stop moving

 It's like I got this music 

 In my mind Saying, " It's gonna be alright" " 


 " Shake it all " still tingeing in my mind…..


Can't explain how much fun I had at The 1989 World Tour Taylor Swift Concert. 

Every song I listen to

Every song I sing

Every song I hum

Everyone in Soldier Field was singing and dancing with me on Sat July18. 

The 1989 World Tour is successful-Taylor Swift is talented, beautiful, great light shows, stylish costume, incredible performance beyond the music itself and surprise guests ( 16-year-old Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy " Riptide " and Haim ). 


So many teen girls filled in to the stadium with creative, bright, productive, cool, ingenious and awesome costumes. So many themes as you can tell from Taylor's music video-bad blood, shake it all , sparking costume, etc…. I was impressed by four teen girls who showed up with their own creation, what an awesome phrase" Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin " and also 1989 on both girl shirts. 

Thank you teen girls for letting me take pictures of your bright and creative costumes. 


I hope you all have a nice and fun summer :)