Crazy and fun weekend

What A Hectic Weekend...... I couldn’t wait to come back to my blog and write everything down to share with you guys.  I had so much fun this past weekend. This is what my past Sa rday looked like : We ( Misa ,Leean Charlene and I ) started our day with a cup of coffee at 6 am in the morning. We drove off from Chicago to Ottawa

or a Run Recovery jump from addiction 5K. We were there to support her and a lot of people who have had the experience and want to jump out of addiction. If you have friends or family who need help please check  for suggestions to guide you in the right direction. - At noon we went sky diving; this is what I was looking most forward to. I got to check it off my bucklist.! It is good to face your fears. I like it a lot and I  can say nothing compares to sky-dive. I am a person who loves roller coastesr and scary stuff. But none of this has you  sign a contract. I questioned myself about what I signed up for because there were  hundreds words about death and injury.

Anyway, nothingpulled me back, and I did it , landing to the ground safely. Thank you for the tandem instructor, Jake, who saved my life. Well he needs to because he was attatched with me. Also thank you for Lindsey Rene for inviting us for  fun in the sky.  - Hiked at Straved Rock , State Park.  - Enjoyed the sunset and photographed DC-3 ( N408D ) : lady luck, which they use for a drop. It was pushed into a tree some years ago by high wind and damaged.

DC-3 ( N408D )

DC-3 ( N408D )

- Finally I had a chance to rest and enjoy beer when we wentamping in the Skydive Chicago Area. I am sure, I I wouldn’t have had any more time or space to add more activities for Saturday. Thank you to all my dear friends for setting up this fun and crazy trip.