Day trips : New Buffalo, Michigan

Day trips always are an opportunity to appreciate sights and sounds that are not too far from home. 

Last Sunday was all about friends, food and some photos. I spent a perfect fall day in New Buffalo, Michigan, which was only an hour drive. 

My Taylor Swift playlist set the tone for what was to be a good day. The quaint little beach town is almost empty at this time of year but still had an inviting feel to it. 

We grabbed some lunch at The Stray Dog  Bar & Grill where my Cobb salad was the perfect cure after Halloween fun night. My amazing Cobb salad: mixed greens, chicken, avocado, chopped eggs, tomatoes, bacon, red onions, green peppers and Blue cheese served on a big round plate with a side of balsamic vinaigrette. The salad itself is a great healthy way with little help from a nice balance balsamic vinaigrette made it to the home run. 

The following lunch; we walked to the beach where the blue sky and sun made Lake Michigan look almost tropical. Three different shades of blue danced on the horizon. The contrast of blue against to brown beach grass just screamed to be photographed. 

My friends who always take pictures of them too. Later we left the beach and headed to an apple farm. Rows and rows of apples to sample and pick at our leisure. I left with a bag full of them for an upcoming apple pie recipe on my blog. 

Last Sunday was fun and perfect, nice warm weather of fall. Just four friends were enjoying a perfect fall day. 

Happy Sunday Everyone!