Running ,chocolate and food from home all resulted in a wonderful weekend.

I  look forward to  the amazing  way that  a weekend allows me to  spend time alone  and  with  my  loved ones  and my good  friends  doing all my favorite things.

Last weekend was somewhat  of a  challenge as  I found   myself  having  to  hop skip and jump  between helping friends, celebrating, baking  and some  charity  work.

Saturday started  with me  playing  dress   up  to portray  a  grown up   version  of  red  riding  hood as made  popular by the  children's fairy tale.    It was a week after Halloween and photographer friend  cast me as his model for an artistic shoot.  It was a brisk 50  degree  day  and  while I  complained about the cold  while shooting,  the end result  is a set  of  stunning photos. Check out his work and my modelling debut at

Later in the  day i dashed   off  to  the  best  6 year old, popstar themed birthday party.  I  decided  to  make  her   birthday cake and  cupcakes  for  the  day's festivities. The  microphone cupcakes made from ice  cream cones  and a  3 layer yellow cake  with cream cheese frosting  where  a  huge  hit.

Sunday  morning  bright and  early  my friend  Natt  and  I as  well  as  many other chocolate lovers gathered  in Grant park  for  the annual Hot chocolate 5K or  15km  race. I ran  the 5K this year  and  hope to run the 15km  in the future. Im  getting  pretty  good  at 5km races now.

I have to say thank you for the race organizers  who came up with this  delicious way to combine exercise and chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

After the  invigorating run I quickly made my  way to the  Chicago  Wat Pa temple   for The Thord Gathin Festival.



At  this  time of  year  Buddhists people gather at  the temple to celebrate the  Thord Gathin festival. ( Thai:ทอดกฐิน) is a traditional Buddhist festival celebrated in northeast Thailand.  Colorful parades and offering ceremonies of  home made food marks  the end of monks' retreat at local temples.

A  wide assortment of  homemade Thai   dishes made  by  attendees  to  be  shared where  brought into this ceremony.


Being  away  from  home is never  easy but these  dishes  made it  feel like I had  a little  part  of  home with  me  even for  a little while.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


" No matter what you do please be sure that  you are happy! "




Day trips : New Buffalo, Michigan

Day trips always are an opportunity to appreciate sights and sounds that are not too far from home. 

Last Sunday was all about friends, food and some photos. I spent a perfect fall day in New Buffalo, Michigan, which was only an hour drive. 

My Taylor Swift playlist set the tone for what was to be a good day. The quaint little beach town is almost empty at this time of year but still had an inviting feel to it. 

We grabbed some lunch at The Stray Dog  Bar & Grill where my Cobb salad was the perfect cure after Halloween fun night. My amazing Cobb salad: mixed greens, chicken, avocado, chopped eggs, tomatoes, bacon, red onions, green peppers and Blue cheese served on a big round plate with a side of balsamic vinaigrette. The salad itself is a great healthy way with little help from a nice balance balsamic vinaigrette made it to the home run. 

The following lunch; we walked to the beach where the blue sky and sun made Lake Michigan look almost tropical. Three different shades of blue danced on the horizon. The contrast of blue against to brown beach grass just screamed to be photographed. 

My friends who always take pictures of them too. Later we left the beach and headed to an apple farm. Rows and rows of apples to sample and pick at our leisure. I left with a bag full of them for an upcoming apple pie recipe on my blog. 

Last Sunday was fun and perfect, nice warm weather of fall. Just four friends were enjoying a perfect fall day. 

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Halloween 2015

Here are Some great pictures from Halloween night out. 

We started at The JJ Thai Street Food Restaurant to fill up our tummy.  Along a ride 6 of us were heading to Lucky Strike, a Bowling place in downtown to meet up with more friends. The place packed with people in different costumes. My night was not end at Bowling place. My gang and I hoped to "Bites Asian Tapas" for the last stop. 

It was fun to get out as SWAT. Costume this year. What about you all? 

My favorite costume this year is day of the dead couple. 

My Favorite of all

My Favorite of all


Christmas 2015 photoshoot

It was a very nice weekend to help the family do the pictures for Christmas. We were lucky, nice weather 50degreees-was not feel like 50 at all. Some trees start changing the colors; some are orange, yellow, and some stay in the green. Including with a whimsical Christmas, handwriting created by me ....... Made this Christmas greeting to the home run.

Christmas photoshoot nattayaphotography
Christmas photoshoot: nattaya photography

Taylor Swift 1989World Tour Concert


Hi Everyone! I hope you are having a great summer. 


In the past two weeks…. My mind has been humming


"But I keep cruising Can't stop, won't stop moving

 It's like I got this music 

 In my mind Saying, " It's gonna be alright" " 


 " Shake it all " still tingeing in my mind…..


Can't explain how much fun I had at The 1989 World Tour Taylor Swift Concert. 

Every song I listen to

Every song I sing

Every song I hum

Everyone in Soldier Field was singing and dancing with me on Sat July18. 

The 1989 World Tour is successful-Taylor Swift is talented, beautiful, great light shows, stylish costume, incredible performance beyond the music itself and surprise guests ( 16-year-old Shawn Mendes, Vance Joy " Riptide " and Haim ). 


So many teen girls filled in to the stadium with creative, bright, productive, cool, ingenious and awesome costumes. So many themes as you can tell from Taylor's music video-bad blood, shake it all , sparking costume, etc…. I was impressed by four teen girls who showed up with their own creation, what an awesome phrase" Magic, Madness, Heaven, Sin " and also 1989 on both girl shirts. 

Thank you teen girls for letting me take pictures of your bright and creative costumes. 


I hope you all have a nice and fun summer :) 





Crazy and fun weekend

What A Hectic Weekend...... I couldn’t wait to come back to my blog and write everything down to share with you guys.  I had so much fun this past weekend. This is what my past Sa rday looked like : We ( Misa ,Leean Charlene and I ) started our day with a cup of coffee at 6 am in the morning. We drove off from Chicago to Ottawa

or a Run Recovery jump from addiction 5K. We were there to support her and a lot of people who have had the experience and want to jump out of addiction. If you have friends or family who need help please check  for suggestions to guide you in the right direction. - At noon we went sky diving; this is what I was looking most forward to. I got to check it off my bucklist.! It is good to face your fears. I like it a lot and I  can say nothing compares to sky-dive. I am a person who loves roller coastesr and scary stuff. But none of this has you  sign a contract. I questioned myself about what I signed up for because there were  hundreds words about death and injury.

Anyway, nothingpulled me back, and I did it , landing to the ground safely. Thank you for the tandem instructor, Jake, who saved my life. Well he needs to because he was attatched with me. Also thank you for Lindsey Rene for inviting us for  fun in the sky.  - Hiked at Straved Rock , State Park.  - Enjoyed the sunset and photographed DC-3 ( N408D ) : lady luck, which they use for a drop. It was pushed into a tree some years ago by high wind and damaged.

DC-3 ( N408D )

DC-3 ( N408D )

- Finally I had a chance to rest and enjoy beer when we wentamping in the Skydive Chicago Area. I am sure, I I wouldn’t have had any more time or space to add more activities for Saturday. Thank you to all my dear friends for setting up this fun and crazy trip.

Half Marathon

This is fun part to live in Chicago. Early Spring time, I will see a lot of Marathon here and there. I have never thought once that I will be the one whom run marathon or waiting for me friends at the finish line.

Then July19,2014 ; I was one person from the big clouded people waiting at The Rock N Roll half Marathon. Standing with my friend Sylwia Tałałaj at the finish line was amazing, it was pushing me and adore all of the people who ran that day. They are so awesome and "YES" , my friends Misa Duroskova and Leeann Nel are one of them. "BRAVO girls !"

Leeann Nel     " Strong girl " 

Leeann Nel  " Strong girl " 

Artist show off party #2

On June, 28th 2014 a group of artists got together to share their interest in art. All kinds of talent made this party so inspiring.  I admired watching all the artists in their craft.

The night started with welcoming food and appetizer by Christine Kindberg and Anne Goetz. The hosts of the party.

Amazing art on the Hall way by   Zach Harris

Amazing art on the Hall way by Zach Harris

" Gun Shot " by  Nattaya worrakitpoonpol Photography : Capture every moment

" Gun Shot " by Nattaya worrakitpoonpol Photography : Capture every moment

By Arik Savage

By Arik Savage

Pretty like you bring the whole garden to in the party by    Cait Downey

Pretty like you bring the whole garden to in the party by Cait Downey

Music by Local Historians, Molly Rose , Sarah Barlett Moscicke, Steve Slagg, Zach Harris  and Youngest Son

Zach Harris   ,    Molly Rose,     Allison Niebauer & Matt Tanaka

Zach Harris , Molly Rose,  Allison Niebauer & Matt Tanaka

Allison Niebauer

Allison Niebauer

Molly Rose

Molly Rose

Writers: fiction by Christine Kindberg, Olivia Hedstrom, Hannah de Boer, Amy Fischer, 

Katie Grover, Laura Crook, Michael Huber, Sami Kruger,  Jamie Daugherty and Chris Kruger


fiction by Christine Kindberg

fiction by Christine Kindberg

Amy Fischer

Amy Fischer

Birthday Event; James Hardy

What a good Saturday morning to be with the Hardy family. I am never disappointed when I go through the Hardy's door. They have all kinds of great Thai food that you can never get anywhere else.

The most important thing today is James' Birthday party; he is turning 1 . What a fast year seeing this boy grow up. Happy Birthday!

James 1st BD April 05, 2014-41.jpg
James 1st BD April 05, 2014-39.jpg
James 1st BD April 05, 2014-28.jpg

Snowboarding trip 2014 in ASPEN

This is the most beautiful mountain in Colorado. Aspen is the most popular place for skiing and snowboarding.

On the long weekend of Presidents' Day, nowhere else is better for snowboarding than in Aspen. It could be popular because this weekend Michelle Obama came and visited Aspen to ski as well.



There is a nice blue sky and the weather is not too cold. It is the perfect weekend for snowboarding. 

Aspen 2014February 16, 2014-21.jpg
Aspen 2014February 16, 2014-11.jpg
Aspen 2014February 16, 2014-19.jpg
How cute

How cute

Aspen 2014February 16, 2014-12.jpg

Behind the scene @ Bites Asian Tapas

What a fun night to be there and watch them do the video at Bites. 

They became famous this day …. Bravo for the owner! They do such a nice job for the restaurant. 

Thank you for the good team work last night. Bites made it to the home run …….. Busy Busy Busy ….. 

Asana is famous girl in town ……. Good job girl

Asana is famous girl in town ……. Good job girl

all friends waiting for the Video shoot  

all friends waiting for the Video shoot  

Bites, soft opening

Bravo for the soft opening day at BITES! Thank you for opening this restaurant in Chicago to let Chicagoans try this new version of Asian food. I can't wait to try more and more food from Bites.

Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-8.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-9.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-19.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-2.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-20.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-21.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-29.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-31.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-28.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-16.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-13.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-32.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-35.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-7.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-10.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-18.jpg
Soft opening @ BitesNovember 15, 2013-6.jpg

Joy Of Congratulations

Congratulations to one of my friends, Joy, for her restaurant "Joy Of Thai".

I love to write this blog for her, not because she is my friend, but because her food is incredible and tasty and I love to type the word "JOY" :) .... 

Stop by and try her food

(708) 995-1232

 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

Cucumber salad

Cucumber salad

Tom Yum Soup

Tom Yum Soup

Tom Kha Soup

Tom Kha Soup

JOy of ThaiNovember 17, 2013-27.jpg
JOy of ThaiNovember 17, 2013-29.jpg
JOy of ThaiNovember 17, 2013-22.jpg
JOy of ThaiNovember 17, 2013-20.jpg
JOy of ThaiNovember 17, 2013-24.jpg
JOy of ThaiNovember 17, 2013-30.jpg