Running ,chocolate and food from home all resulted in a wonderful weekend.

I  look forward to  the amazing  way that  a weekend allows me to  spend time alone  and  with  my  loved ones  and my good  friends  doing all my favorite things.

Last weekend was somewhat  of a  challenge as  I found   myself  having  to  hop skip and jump  between helping friends, celebrating, baking  and some  charity  work.

Saturday started  with me  playing  dress   up  to portray  a  grown up   version  of  red  riding  hood as made  popular by the  children's fairy tale.    It was a week after Halloween and photographer friend  cast me as his model for an artistic shoot.  It was a brisk 50  degree  day  and  while I  complained about the cold  while shooting,  the end result  is a set  of  stunning photos. Check out his work and my modelling debut at

Later in the  day i dashed   off  to  the  best  6 year old, popstar themed birthday party.  I  decided  to  make  her   birthday cake and  cupcakes  for  the  day's festivities. The  microphone cupcakes made from ice  cream cones  and a  3 layer yellow cake  with cream cheese frosting  where  a  huge  hit.

Sunday  morning  bright and  early  my friend  Natt  and  I as  well  as  many other chocolate lovers gathered  in Grant park  for  the annual Hot chocolate 5K or  15km  race. I ran  the 5K this year  and  hope to run the 15km  in the future. Im  getting  pretty  good  at 5km races now.

I have to say thank you for the race organizers  who came up with this  delicious way to combine exercise and chocolate.

Hot Chocolate

After the  invigorating run I quickly made my  way to the  Chicago  Wat Pa temple   for The Thord Gathin Festival.



At  this  time of  year  Buddhists people gather at  the temple to celebrate the  Thord Gathin festival. ( Thai:ทอดกฐิน) is a traditional Buddhist festival celebrated in northeast Thailand.  Colorful parades and offering ceremonies of  home made food marks  the end of monks' retreat at local temples.

A  wide assortment of  homemade Thai   dishes made  by  attendees  to  be  shared where  brought into this ceremony.


Being  away  from  home is never  easy but these  dishes  made it  feel like I had  a little  part  of  home with  me  even for  a little while.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


" No matter what you do please be sure that  you are happy! "